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OutDial allows salespeople to spend less time grinding & more time selling. 

By handling the repetitive task of dialling numbers, Outdial speeds up the cold-calling process and frees up salespeople to focus on building relationships and closing deals

This means more new conversations and more time spent on pipeline generation.


It also means much less cold-calling avoidance.

OutDial Screenshot
The old way of cold-calling is indeed dead.

As information resellers and internet-based telecom companies become more accessible, competition for a prospect's attention increases. Prospects are now more likely than ever before to reject your calls. 

The number of dials a sales rep needs to make to reach a prospect is increasing.


This means means more time on the phone and more repetitive admin (like hanging up, categorizing/tagging the conversation, copying a new number, clicking dial, waiting) – which means more dead time, more rejection and ultimately more cold-calling avoidance.

This diminished ROI has led many to announce that cold calling is dead. 

The 'old way' of cold calling is indeed dead. Sales reps cannot sit and manually dial numbers. It just takes too long. Even one-click dialling programs are time inefficient. 

Time efficient AutoDialling

Outdial allows a rep to automate 100% of the repetitive admin work, saving them huge amounts of time and allowing them to dial 3-5x quicker.


That is 3-5x more conversations per hour of dialing - giving the sales rep more conversations and returning them their valuable time for other revenue generating activities.

How does Outdial work?
Load prospects into the tool

Load prospects into the tool & select number of seconds between dials (i.e. 30 seconds)

Plugin Headset, click Start

Plugin headset, click start. Tool will begin to dial through the list, counting down 30 seconds. When 30 seconds has elapsed, the tool will hang up the current call and dial the next number in the list.

Speak to prospects

When you hear a prospect pick up, pause the countdown timer using either a keyboard or mouse shortcut & speak to the prospect.

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