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Every B2B organisation needs consistent and predictable pipeline generation.


Without a defined strategy & Sales Outreach System in place, growth can be stop-start, sporadic, unreliable and unpredictable.

Our 5 step Sales Outreach System brings predictability and reliability into the sales process and delivers consistent outbound results.

Our 5 key principles
Prospect every inch of your territory

Your sales team should not be prospecting. Your entire territory of companies and individuals should be captured at the start of the project and added to periodically.

Use technology to scale and automate outreach
Configure IT settings to hit the prospect's inbox

Never lose deals to the SPAM folder. From correctly setting up DNS settings to warming up inboxes and varying email IPs, the modern salesperson must pay attention to their deliverability. 

Develop clear, problem focused outreach

Outreach needs to focus on the prospect - their situation, their challenges, their goals. Solution providers need to present themselves as articulate, informed, trusted advisors. 

Streamline every process - Zero bottlenecks

The days of mail merging 25 prospects are over. Automated outreach tools give sellers the chance to reach thousands of prospects each day.    

Everything should be a process. Systemic bottlenecks should be hunted down & eliminated.  When the right processes are in place, the salesperson can focus on selling.

What is a 'Sales Outreach System'?

Too many sales teams leave money on the table.

This might be because they do not fully prospect their territory, their sales outreach copy is dull/difficult to understand, prospects get lost in the CRM system, or their sales process has so many bottlenecks it's a struggle to keep it ticking over at all. 

Bressenden SalesStart is our solution to these issues.

Over the last 4 years, we have run pay-on-performance outreach campaigns for 20+ B2B clients. This has lead us to seek out the very best expertise and develop a repeatable, predictable process to ensure each project is successful. 

This starts with quickly automating the prospecting process; ensuring you're able to capture of 100% of the prospective territory.

We then developed methods of ensuring you do not lose deals to the SPAM folder. This means world-class email deliverability capabilities. Starting with basic items (that are routinely missed by many sales teams) like properly configuring the DNS settings - all the way to varying your ISPs and ESPs for maximum outbound capability. Our expertise has been so popular in this area we sell this module as a stand-alone solution. See Bressenden DELIVERABILITY for more information. 

We then moved onto developing clear, concise sales outreach copy that would pique a prospect's interest and compel them to learn more and/or take an introductory meeting.

After testing 10+ providers, we settled on an excellent outreach automation technology tool that would allow us to scale our outreach, ensure all prospects are easily stored, contacted and classified - so when we get told to "come back in 6 months", we're able to quickly do so without the prospect getting lost. It's astounding how much business we've helped win just through being organised.

Finally, we added fresh new prospects into the outreach each month, ensuring that we were always targeting 100% of the prospective territory and we were catching the people who had just moved jobs. Being the first solution provider to hit somebody's inbox can have a huge upside. 


With all of this automation running, we would only need to focus on replying to emails, making cold calls and booking the meetings. 

Now we are working with our clients to build the best practices listed above in our Sales Outreach System into their strategy. 


Using it, our clients have achieved reliable and scalable growth.

Email us today using the button below, and we'll see if we can help you scale using our methods.

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