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Get more from your sales outreach

Whether you're just getting started or looking to drive quality & consistency, we are confident we can help.

Bressenden Group is a sales outreach enablement company, specialising in prospecting & lead generation. 

Our solutions focus on the crucial early stages of the sales cycle, capturing the attention of prospective customers to secure more sales meetings.

These early stages are demanding and time-consuming for sales professionals, and can often distract from other revenue-generating activities. 

We work to equip our clients with the tools, strategies, and processes needed to maximise their sales potential, to generate consistent, high-quality leads and to hit their targets.

Our goal is to guide the growth of great businesses. 

Trusted by the best

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David Hackett

"Bressenden Associates' Alex and Jack were delightful to collaborate with. They effectively ran a sales campaign for me, rapidly comprehending our solutions and the value we provided to our clients. They approached the work collaboratively and kept me informed of their progress and outcomes on a weekly basis. Their dedication to achieving the targets and adapting as necessary was particularly noteworthy. I strongly recommend them for your next outreach program."

David Hackett

MD, Atos Maven Wave

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